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Nyxi - Nyxi Glyfada
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This is our new Nyxi-Nyxi branch in Glyfada area.
Glyfada department started its operations in June 2004. Decorated in live colors and great style provides the customers with all the manicure - pedicure services that someone can find in Nyxi - Nyxi stores.

Our Services


Acrylics is one of our special services. There are two options for the Acrylics: Either artificial nails or with physical strenght. For best results we suggest to use gel for natural shinning and without any breakdowns.
Hydro pedicure, is a special type of pedicure offered only by Nyxi - Nyxi stores. You relax in the leather super relaxing chairs while you enjoy the best possible treatment for your legs. Our chairs have the option of giving you at the same time a massage.
Massage is a new service we have introduce in Glyfada store. Various programs, that suit your wants and needs.


Special services for brides. Wedding make-up and / or special nail designs


Henna tatoo is another popular service in our store.
Lots of designs for most parts of the body!

Spray tanning is the ultimate solution for great looking color all the time of the year!


Ioannou Metaksa 23 2nd floor
16674 Glyfada - Athens

Phone: 210 8944774 - 2108946655
Fax 210 8944998
Store Manager: Anna Christodoulakis

Hours: Modays 10am to 5pm Tuesdays 10am to 9pm Wensdays 10am to 8pm Thursdays and Fridays 10am to 7rm Saturdays 10am to 5pm

How To Order

In our store you can find full products line-up of Jessica as well other relative beauty products such as Mask Shock.

Manicure - pedicure - nail designs - hydro pecicure - eyebrows - make up - spray tanning - henna tatoo - lips tatoo are just a few of our services we provide to our customers while they enjoy a cold glass of champain!!!

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at: